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Monetizing and Future Proofing Smart Energy Investments

The MetraTech Utility Monetization Solution
A Customer-First Approach

Energy is scarce and not always readily available where and when it is needed. Businesses, governments and citizens need to work together to manage the distribution and consumption of energy. New generation billing solutions need to provide public and private utilities with cost efficiencies, competitive differentiation and enable them to take advantage of emerging business opportunities from grid optimization to distributed energy resources. Our Customer-First Utility monetization solution delivers powerful capabilities to support smart energy adoption. By utilizing the industry’s only utilities Behavioral Billing™ and Settlement solution, businesses can:

  • Improve digital customer engagement
  • Report on real-time energy use and spending across the organization
  • Quickly develop new commercial offerings for differentiation
  • Deliver billing accuracy and efficient customer self-care
  • React to dynamic variations in supply cost
  • Increase collection rates and reduce fraud
  • Future proof business models
  • Support regulatory requirements
  • Easily integrate to legacy systems
  • Provide customers options with individualized plans
    • Time-based tariffs (TOU, off peak/on peak, etc.)
    • Dynamic tariffs (frequent changes, react to price signals)
    • Bonuses/rebates (rewards for maintaining a desired behavior)
    • Credits and other benefits (for taking a desired action)
    • Prepayment options

Energy + Knowledge = Power
Create personalized customer strategies, drive customer loyalty and stickiness, enhance customer satisfaction, improve revenue assurance and introduce new revenue opportunities by up-selling and cross-selling products and services.