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Driving billing efficiency at São Paulo Airport, O'Hare and more...


The world knows that modern infrastructure is the path to economic growth for all countries. This is particularly visible in the airports sector where airports are being transformed into modern full-service cities designed to capture new revenue streams from captive passengers beyond traditional aviation services. The increased opportunity for revenue outside of passenger traffic is fueling investment in systems that flexibly monetize aviation and non-aviation revenue including lease agreements, food and beverage concessions, shopping malls, hotels, parking and rental cars.

MetraTech’s Transportation Blueprints support transportation billing for aviation, cargo and concessions with pre-configured service templates to get started while providing easy configuration to meet every business’s unique requirements. The Transportation Blueprints manage the complexities of airport operations by billing for aviation, concessions and cargo services from one powerful system. Essential data for real-time operational decision-making is facilitated by integrated information across aviation and non-aviation revenue sources. The Cargo Blueprint can also be utilized by port authorities and the Concessions Blueprint by malls and properties, venues and cruise ships. MetraTech delivers a comprehensive monetization solution for any service or business model required for today’s transportation verticals.

MetraTech brings years of experience in monetizing innovative business models for the largest airports in the world and city government including:

  • Next Generation Transport – Cost efficient and extensible charging and pricing model for mass transport airports – Monetization of aviation and non-aviation services
  • Private / Public Convergence – Four-sided charging models with municipal government, airlines, concessions and suppliers with residual participation


Luiz Ritzmann

The ability of MetraNet to be easily configured to support all of our business models in record time made it possible for this milestone to occur. The ease of use and high visibility also helped us to quickly make any adjustments necessary to comply with regulatory rules during certification.

Luiz Ritzmann