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Subscriptions Today...Complex Pricing Tomorrow? You're in the right place


The rise of recurring revenue services brings about operational considerations to consider before you sign up that first customer. Enterprises of all sizes are challenged with how to support the growing complexity of recurring revenue streams. The move to Everything as Service (XaaS) requires businesses to carefully evaluate how they support subscriptions and pay-as-you go pricing, along with usage models and dynamically created services and bundles as the enterprise evolves. It’s important to select the right solution that can support more than just your simple subscription billing needs.

Subscription Billing & ERP Systems Downfalls
There are an unlimited number of ways to monetize business models; a subscription-only pricing strategy may hinder your innovation with its one-size-fits-all approach. Predictable, recurring revenue models introduce complexity and challenges that current subscription billing and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems cannot handle. MetraTech believes it’s time to take control of your business and not let the limitations of your subscription billing and ERP systems get in the way.

As a business grows, the number of service and pricing options outstrips the capabilities of subscription billing and monolithic ERP systems. These systems are not flexible enough to support the explosion in services and the growing complexity of pricing models. A business may also need to support negotiated enterprise agreements and non-standard terms along with simple subscription services. Additionally, the requirements to support a global customer base pose challenges in pricing management, payment terms, revenue recognition over contract terms and local taxation.

Billing for Your Business Model
MetraTech enables you to efficiently handle orders, billing and revenue recognition while providing freedom to evolve the  business. We also provide easy access to meaningful and actionable customer data to manage renewals and drive cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Often, subscription billing and ERP providers will tell you to change your business model to fit within their system. Don’t compromise. Innovate and let us support you with an enterprise-grade quote-to-cash solution.

We’ve already helped industry leaders across verticals run their business the way they need to and achieve dominance in their respective markets. Companies like Concur (largest SaaS ERP provider with $6+billion in market cap), LifeLock (leading identity theft software provider) and TELMORE (most competitive MVNO in Nordics with a Net Promoter Score of +58) count on us to be the innovation engine for their business.