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A New Generation of Services Requires an Agile Billing Approach

Enterprises need to find new ways to accelerate service rollouts, personalize and differentiate offerings and automate interactions with customers and partners. With more enterprises launching as-a-service products, there is growing demand for a cloud billing solution that can support the growing complexity of recurring revenue sources such as subscriptions and pay-as-you go and usage and consumption-based models. If your billing vendor is asking you to conform your business model to what their billing system can deliver, run.

It’s time to look at monetization differently. In the past, billing was an afterthought to be considered when all other components of the business model were in place. The pace of business continues to increase, which requires an agile billing and compensation solution. MetraTech’s agile billing approach enables businesses to react competitively in the marketplace and easily offer the products, prices and value-added partner bundles that will drive customers to a product and keep them on it.

MetraTech can help by providing the innovation engine for XaaS:

  • Providing an agile customer experience with a metadata-based billing and settlement platform that makes pricing and business model flexibility a reality
  • Delivering value-added cloud with wrap-around services from partners for differentiation
  • Supporting partner settlement for bundled/mashup services
  • Transforming the Internet of things into a business reality
  • Accelerating time-to-revenue for all businesses across multiple industries
  • Supporting pricing and service models based on evolving business needs
  • MetraTech’s metadata-based platform is the innovation engine for change and agility for Cloud, IoT, communications, transportation and other industries
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