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Billing for Clearing, Exchanges & Payment Providers


Billing for Clearing Houses Exchanges:

Financial institutions such as clearing houses and exchanges require a centralized fee calculation system that can monetize all security services and supports expansion into new markets through new offerings, acquisitions or partners. And of course the need for accuracy, auditability and transparency for regulators, customers, and partners has never been greater. For these reasons, MetraNet is the trusted billing provider for the world’s largest clearing houses and exchanges.

The flexibility to model, calculate, and price for all lines of business in one system enables a financial institution to focus its efforts on providing value added services to its customers and driving operational efficiency for increased profitability. In addition, regulatory compliance is supported including full visibility into the calculation of every fee involved in the transaction chain. With MetraNet, customers can:

  • Calculate fees and price for services across all lines of business and different security types
  • Decrease rounding errors and improve reconciliation via 10 digits of precision (10 digits after decimal point) including display
  • Introduce new services in weeks not months
  • Easily integrate acquisitions and new service rollouts
  • Ensure calculation accuracy, handling of failed transactions and fee management for thousands of institutions, spanning millions of transactions
  • Provide auditability and transparency for efficient compliance monitoring process
  • Efficiently calculate and provide remuneration for partner services

For Payment Providers:

New regulations, new payments types (mobile and virtual currencies) and new players are driving dramatic changes within the payments industry. Today, the payments world is increasingly dominated by online and mobile players which have built sizeable businesses outside or on top of what has historically been a bank and processor-led industry. New functionality on mobile phones has moved this payment method beyond paying bills and transferring funds, expanding the market opportunity for new participants. And, large online and social players such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Paypal and Square are providing disruptive currencies and technologies.

By 2015, over 80% of all merchants will accept more than four types of payments and online/social commerce is providing new alternative payment brands. Alternative payment brands are taking share from traditional online payment methods (credit, debit, and ACH).

Establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage as a payment service provider can be a challenge in such an environment. Creating frictionless models for adding customers and unique technology to drive products that maximize lifetime value and delivering ROI across sectors is required. In addition, large distribution partnerships can be a game changer for payment providers who want to expand new services offered to merchants, increase global footprints and tap new markets. This means they need to:

  • Deliver relevant, personalized offers
  • Expand merchant footprint
  • Support partner settlement
  • Provide convenience parity with other payment solutions
  • Support rewards integration (earn & burn)

The MetraNet payments solution helps companies:

  • Monetize complex value-chains
  • Analyze profitability of merchants
  • Drive discounts,incentives and stickiness based on affinity group pricing & book of business
  • Monetize new multi-platform distribution, media and social/online business models
  • Combat revenue leakage
  • Address regulatory compliance
Francisco Carlos Gomes

The right billing system enables us to support increasingly complex and varied products and services. In MetraTech, we have found a partner who will meet our needs, both immediately and into the future.

Francisco Carlos Gomes