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Making Network Functions Virtualization a Reality Requires New Monetization

Telecom providers are preparing for the changes driven by network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN). Virtualization means that commodity hardware and software running on generic devices will replace proprietary equipment. While everyone is aware that virtualization of the network means that business relationships and business models will have to change, no one yet understands just how disruptive the change will be. MetraTech’s metadata-driven billing and settlement platform, MetraNet conforms to customers’ business models; it is ready for NFV now.

Traditional Billing versus NFV Requirements

Network Functions Virtualization Billing


MetraNet can help achieve the benefits of the NFV network:

  • facilitates the flexible configuration of the data model, transaction processing and user interface through Web services-compliant APIs
  • supports user created services to add to or replace an existing set of services, while keeping them loosely coupled internally and externally
  • provides service definitions with the details of customer entitlement, service-level performance requirements and pricing parameters for the static and elastic aspects of NFV, providing for the accurate allocation of virtualized resources
  • calculates customer prices and settlements due to vendors providing the services by receiving real-time performance metrics

Network virtualization will revolutionize the way we all do business and procurement models are going to change in a big way for carriers, their customers, partners and suppliers. MetraNet is a network functions virtualization billing solution that is ready now to support communications providers as they transform their business with NFV.