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Improve time to market, support elastic usage pricing and partner settlement


Innovate. Don’t Compromise.

MetraTech’s billing solutions were built on the simple premise that enterprises should not have to compromise their business models based on the limitations of a lightweight SaaS billing application. Instead, businesses can leverage an enterprise-class cloud billing solution to unlock both recurring and usage-based revenue models. Businesses can trust that we understand what it means to be enterprise-class. Since our founding in 1998, our entire history has been about solving the monetization needs of global enterprises.

Our cloud-based billing solution supports user-friendly and flexible billing experiences, eliminates the reliance on a one-size-fits-all subscription model and reduces the need for manual changes. Providing optional product choices, amendments and continuous billing, we enable organizations to support diverse customer needs and more efficiently manage their quote-to-cash process.

Enterprises can tap into new market opportunities and build relationships with customers and partners based on differentiated offerings that stand out in the crowd. How did our billing as a service application come about?

Accelerating Commerce in as-a-Service World

In 2008, the team that had built the industry’s first and only metadata-based billing and settlement platform, MetraNet recognized that available cloud billing solutions were more suited for Internet merchants, not the needs of enterprises. While others focused on supporting subscription models or attempted to convince customers to dumb down their business to fit the limited capabilities of their billing platform, we knew that would not fly with enterprises. The key to unlocking cloud billing for enterprises was to bring together a powerful user experience, on-demand capabilities, scalability and robust billing capabilities that did not compromise an enterprises’ ability to compete in the marketplace. Today, one-size-fits-all products and services are outdated, as are one-size fits-all subscription-based billing models. Companies across all industries need to support subscriptions as well as increasingly sophisticated usage-based models underpinned by an enterprise-class rating engine.

MetraNet Cloud Blueprint is an out-of-the-box cloud billing and settlement module available on-premise or as a managed service that makes it easy and fast to deploy IaaS, PaaS or SaaS solutions in public, private or hybrid cloud environments. Fully customizable, our solution supports common cloud business models, including direct service provider, services reseller, services wholesaler, billing service provider and private cloud chargeback.

MetraNet for Cloud Full Feature List


For Concur, MetraNet is the complete product catalog, rating, billing and settlement solution that, underpinned by dynamic business modeling, will help us keep pace with our continued growth.