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Billing Solutions for Enterprise and Cloud

Billing solutions should give business users an array of tools and capabilities that make the development and launch of new services quicker, simpler and less risky. Our billing solutions makes it simple for customers to model, introduce products and services, pricing plans, new business models and to change them in rapid response to market demands and customer behavior.

MetraTech offers two billing solution platforms capable of offering any service across any industry with a focus on Cloud & Subscriptions, Communications and Media, Financial Services and Transportation markets. Customers can select the customizable full control MetraNet® platform or our SaaS solution, Metanga®.

We have designed our platform to provide additional capabilities that liberate product teams to innovate in all the areas of price structures, discounting, loyalty, behavioral billing, and so on. The billing solution becomes a supporter of new services and innovative ways of addressing the market—absolutely not a hindrance and definitely a help.

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