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The Engine Behind Relationship MonetizationTM

Enterprise Billing with MetraNet®

Today, companies are looking for ways to grow revenue, reduce costs and move quickly. Flexible pricing for products and services, managing recurring revenue and enterprise contracts in a way that works best, changing business models without constraints, serves as a competitive edge; however, not every enterprise billing solution supports market paced change. But we do.

MetraNet is a complete solution for charging, pricing, billing, settlement and customer care. MetraNet empowers businesses to run their business the way they want. Our flexible billing solution fits your industry and business model.

Our Enterprise Billing Solution Monetizes Any Business Model

Today’s business models are relationship-driven and characterized by changing, individualized agreements across customers, suppliers and channels. We call that Agreements-Based Billing™ (ABB) and settlement. MetraNet provides businesses with:

  • Flexible pricing, billing and invoicing: Subscription and usage based pricing underpinned by an enterprise-grade rating and pricing engine. Subscriptions provide predictable recurring revenue and usage-based models provide continual revenue while supporting agreements based on commitments and consumption desired by customers
  • Billing for the entire service portfolio and partner settlement: Value-added service offerings involve more than organic services. For partner offerings, the revenue due the partner for services must be calculated and billed accurately
  • 360 degree view of customer for product, sales, and finance teams: Transactional data generates actionable insights that can be productized
  • “Glocal” empowerment for product and sales teams: Businesses can measure, monitor and report on the right metrics for all lines of business including pricing, discounts, and agreements across regions and aggregation up to a consolidated corporate view for cross and up-selling
  • Integrated quoting, pricing, revenue recognition and accounts receivables

MetraNet supports a range of services from subscriptions to usage based services, negotiated B2B agreements, multi-sided business models, complex services and cross product discounting and bundling. MetraNet monetizes the use of a service – regardless of what it is, how it is detected or how it is measured. The service used could be calls, digital services, cloud usage, M2M, aviation, cargo, concessions or complex financial transactions – any type of activity where usage can be quantified and needs to be priced, billed and/or settled to a participant monetary relationship.

MetraNet is built on a metadata-driven architecture, whereby new services can be easily created, added to or used to replace an existing set of services – while internally and externally remaining loosely coupled. Once parameters are defined, MetraNet has a further unique ability to implement the service by automatically creating any associated data models, user interfaces, workflow, and settlement processes.

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