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Building a Successful IoT Business – Executive Roundtable

At the 2014 Connected Cloud Summit in Boston, Jason Mondanaro, director of product management, SaaS, participated in the “Building a Successful IoT Business” roundtable. At the conference, focused on the Internet of Things (IoT), this session discusses challenges and considerations for bringing an IoT business to market, including monetization strategies,security and privacy concerns and standardization of the industry.


Defogging the Cloud

Much has changed since the early days of cloud that it’s sometimes difficult to see through the fog to achieve the best results. What is clear is that you need to monetize cloud services the right way to be successful. With different cloud billing offerings out there such as: Billing-as-a-Service, On-Premise and Managed Services Billing, how do you understand which is best for your business?


Graduating Beyond Subscription Billing

The ability to adjust pricing, discounts, commitment-based offers for products and services is a powerful tool for driving service personalization, revenues and profitability. In combination with a full dashboard that provides visibility into corporate spending, revenue projections, the right monetization platform becomes a competitive weapon to drive customer and partner behavior. The ability to tailor a customer’s service offerings via unique pricing models and volume or commitment-based agreements that span any combination of subscription and consumption-based services — will be the key to success in a services economy.


Who’s Powering Concur’s Quote-to-Cash Magic?

This webinar focuses on an integrated quote-to-cash process to achieve business success and freedom to adapt to changing market conditions. Concur and MetraTech share their joint experience in working successfully together to deploy one of the most innovative Q2C implementations in the industry. Concur’s Q2C transformation and selection of MetraNet to consolidate multiple billing systems has enabled the largest SaaS ERP vendor ($7.2b+ market cap) to gain control of pricing and selling models, expand globally, integrate acquisitions, and support an automated and transparent process for its business & channel needs.


MeetingZone – Giving Enterprise Customers Control of their Services

Personalization and mass customization in the B2B world are critical, but very challenging without powerful and flexible charging, billing, compensation and customer care. Conferencing & Collaboration leader MeetingZone successfully worked with MetraTech to first empower itself, and ultimately its enterprise customers to move toward automation, personalization and mass customization without massive IT, integration or consulting costs.


Microsoft Online Services – Responding Quickly to Market Dynamics

Transformation is often needed to meet customer expectations. Towards the end of the past decade, Microsoft was transitioning to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Online Services. Microsoft successfully worked with MetraTech and is now supporting customers in 45 countries, 36 languages and 13 currencies and provide the settlement to 38,000+ resellers, within a single platform.