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Billing Software Unique in Metadata-Driven Approach

MetraTech’s metadata-driven architecture is the foundation for MetraNet’s B2B billing software and settlement solution. MetraNet supports today’s business requirements while future-proofing tomorrow’s business models with minimal cost and low risk. Businesses are empowered to change, increase differentiation and disrupt markets.

Metadata from MetraTech can Provide Ultimate Business Model Flexibility

Billing software built on a traditional architecture leave companies with limited choices – conform their business model to the billing system, wait for vendor changes, or build something new into or around the system. Unfortunately, today’s competitive market isn’t suited to these choices. Business models, not rate changes win market share.

With MetraTech’s MetraNet® billing software and settlement solution, customers leverage MetraNet’s flexible and configurable data model to conform billing to their unique business requirements. While traditional systems deliver control over rates and basic bundles, MetraNet provides the ability to implement and monetize new agreements and business models on-the-fly.

MetraTech provides an out-of-the-box solution for charging, pricing, billing, settlement and customer care. However, since MetraNet is a metadata-driven platform, business models are open and can be modified, extended or laid aside so, it’s industry and business model agnostic. Customers can use MetraNet industry blueprints – pre-configured modules for specific verticals – or configure the system to meet their own requirements.

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