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MetraNet’s Cloud Blueprint for Cloud Services Billing

Cloud services billing is simplified with MetraNet for Cloud. Providers can jumpstart IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS cloud offerings with pre-configured service templates for subscription and usage-based cloud services. Supporting enterprise agreements with commitments and value-added offerings, providers can increase cloud adoption by enterprises. Wrap-around partner services are quickly configured to support sticky customer relationships while partner compensation is handled with ease.

cloud services billing


Opportunities abound in the market for cloud services, but an inability to differentiate offerings in the eye of today’s discerning customers has some providers risking rapid commoditization. MetraNet for Cloud helps companies extend their success and strengthen customer loyalty. This is done through MetraTech’s ability to ensure fast deployment of two things; subscription and highly customized services. The platform also promotes timely and accurate settlement to third-party partners. MetraNet works with IaaS, SaaS and PaaS in order to build, sell and deploy the cloud services billing solution.

The platform is unique in the sense that it caters to multiple business models, such as direct service provider, service reseller, billing service provider, private cloud chargeback, etc. The solution is customizable and comes with pre-configured product catalog service templates.

The sales team can modify pricing, bundling, discounting and commitment terms across accounts, services, metrics and commitments to structure winning contracts for customers. The real-time visibility of commitments enables timely customer and partner behavior modification to control cost or manage corporate objectives.

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