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Billing Platform for DTCC Improves Insight, Accuracy and Auditability, and Control

The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) plays a central role in America’s financial markets, supporting the processing requirements of many of the world’s largest securities firm. The need for automation and global expansion prompted the DTCC to address their complex multi-business unit agreements and look for ways to provide flexible pricing and fee management across multiple currencies and languages. With MetraTech’s flexible enterprise billing platform, MetraNet, DTCC now has its own dynamic billing system to call upon.

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The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) is a core component of America’s financial infrastructure, supporting the processing requirements of many of the world’s largest securities firms. DTCC provides custody and asset services for more than 3.6 million securities, issued across 122 countries and territories, with a combined value of $36.5 trillion. They are responsible for centralizing, standardizing, streamlining, and automating the back-end process within the world’s capital markets. Some of their assets include equities, corporate and municipal bonds, government and mortgage-backed securities, as well as money market instruments and over-the-counter derivatives.

DTCC chose MetraNet as their fee management billing platform because of its highly flexible architecture enables users to quickly react and adapt to industry, giving DTCC a platform from which it can expand and adjust its service offerings to achieve competitive advantage. MetraNet’s full auditability features significantly simplified compliance management across all product ranges and transaction chains.  DTCC customers can now configure account data to their unique requirements and export it as needed for further analysis. With the help of our fee management billing platform, new pricing and products can be introduced within a matter of weeks, not months.

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