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IoT Marketplaces | Cloud Expo 2015 Silicon Valley

We are moving quickly from connected things to connected IoT marketplaces. With the combination of Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and analytics we will be able to drive innovation across industries to realize the full potential of IoT. Today many industries focus on operational efficiencies gained with IoT technology; however, we are on the verge of a radical change. A new customer experience is possible as mobile platforms, cloud, sensors, data and analytics drive personalized offers for customers. But where do we begin and how do get there?

Organizations of all sizes need to evolve and transform, often under massive pressure as industry lines blur and merge and traditional business models are assaulted and flipped upside down. In this new data-driven world, marketplaces reign supreme while interoperability, APIs and applications deliver unique customer value for new go-to-market models based on a cloud and IoT way of working. Analytics, IoT service mashups, fail fast business models and contextual data streams enable data to become the new currency for digital citizens and businesses and will determine business success or failure.

In the Cloud Expo General Session, A Cloud and Internet Way of Things Thinking: From Egosystems to Ecosystems, Esmeralda Swartz, VP Marketing Enterprise and Cloud, shares industry use cases for enterprises who are successfully transforming and evolving their business models through a new way of working and interacting with customers, partners and suppliers across the data marketplace.

General Session at 17th Cloud Expo

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