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Chief Financial Officer

In today’s fast-moving business climate, CFOs and other business managers are aggressively looking for ways to drive business growth, maximize efficiency and save money. MetraTech’s Agreements-Based Billing ™ and Settlement solution delivered in a cloud model or on-premise is increasingly viewed as the cornerstone to more effectively manage growth, understand customers while improving overall cash flow management and visibility.

If the business is reliant on a traditional billing and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, opportunities to introduce new offers, up-sell and cross-sell are limited. If a business has grown through acquisitions or product extensions, often several existing billing systems are in place forcing manual manipulation of different data and cumbersome workaround processes to calculate final bills. As a business grows, workflow problems around deal making, the contracting process, order entry, and a lack of data integrity undermines revenue assurance. If channels are involved, businesses often lose control of how products are being sold and consumed. Automation of the quote-to-cash (Q2C) process and business agility to pivot based on market, customer, and partner conditions is critical for a global enterprise.

MetraTech also importantly addresses scalability and future-proofing needs of a business, better financial forecasting and automation of accounts receivable and accounts payable processes. Real-time visibility for accounts and customers along with automation of inefficient workflows and approvals processes is provided through an integrated Q2C process.

CFOs turn to MetraTech when they need to achieve better control, efficiency, accuracy, auditability and overall ROI for the business.

MetraTech delivers an integrated Q2C solution that empowers a business to understand:

  • how new offers can be made
  • what it is selling is what has been quoted
  • what has been quoted is what has been contracted for
  • what the contract delivers is exactly what has been ordered and
  • that it is seamlessly provisioned downstream and accurately billed for