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Our Enterprise Billing System Keeps Pace with Evolving Business Models

Intense competition, commoditization and new technology all drive business models to evolve. As the pace of technology innovation continues to increase the response time to market conditions must accelerate. The most common business model evolution we see today is the transformation of products into services, creating a new everything as a service economy. Enabling the monetization of these complex services requires an agile enterprise billing solution; however, this critical component – billing for the actual services — is often an afterthought as the business model is brought to market. Too often older enterprise billing systems can’t be used to make those new services a reality.

Today enterprise billing systems must be agile and able to easily capture new revenue streams, be responsive to customers, change business models, offer value-added partner bundles, roll out services in weeks not months and give customers freedom to run their business their way. MetraNet, MetraTech’s enterprise billing system, provides business users an array of tools and capabilities that make the development and launch of new services quicker, simpler and less risky. By deign our enterprise billing platform provides additional capabilities that liberate product teams to innovate in all the areas of price structures, discounting, loyalty, behavioral billing, and so on.

Enterprises like Concur, DTCC, GRU Airport and TELMORE consistently faced a critical challenge: complex business models that continue to evolve. Despite operating in very different industries, they all found that MetraNet was the only enterprise billing system that could enable and power their growth plans.

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