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TELMORE relies on MetraTech to revolutionize the Danish mobile market


TELMORE, is one of  the largest and most successful mobile virtual network operators (MVNO)  in the world. In Denmark, it has a 14% market share and over 700,000 mobile subscribers. The TELMORE MVNO billing business model is successful due to its low cost of operations, competitive pricing and above all, exceptional self-care combined with excellent customer service. This customer-centric DNA is helping TELMORE to achieve lower than average churn rates and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +58, the highest in Denmark, attracting mobile subscribers across a wide range of segments.

Business Needs

TELMORE faced the difficulty of transforming its business model in the Danish telecom market, already one of the most competitive in the world. TELMORE needed to add new services and partner solutions at a much faster pace to retain competitive advantage while facing continued rapid expansion. In 2012 TELMORE conducted an extensive search for a Customer Care and Billing Platform that could both enable and empower its growth plans.

TELMORE realized that comparing traditional system options available in the Customer Care & Billing market led to misleading results. Enterprise software products do not lend themselves to “check-box” comparisons. Furthermore, the systems that could meet its requirements appeared to be able to do so only via expensive and time-consuming customization. MetraTech was able to meet TELMORE’s needs for a flexible solution to meet its customer and growth objectives.




•     Quickly introducing new charging models and new services.

•     Generating actionable insights based on customer care and billing data collected.

•     Applying innovative approaches to pricing contracts.

•     Rapidly developing new business operating models.

•     Improved customer service, driving responsiveness, and lowering churn.

Thomas Hagen Stampe

The Danish telecom market is one of the most competitive in the world. The MetraNet platform is unique in supporting the implementation speed required to enable us to introduce new pricing and products at a competitive pace.

Thomas Hagen Stampe