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Leading SaaS Provider Consolidates and Modernizes Billing


Concur is the largest SaaS enterprise resourcing planning (ERP) vendor with a $6.0 billion+ market cap. Concur is a leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions. The company has 15,000 customers globally and 18 million end users.

Business Needs

Faced with high growth and a rapidly changing business, Concur needed operational efficiencies in its Quote-to-Cash (Q2C) process and a solution that would enable the business to scale and evolve as needed. Multiple legacy billing systems and acquisitions forced Concur to manipulate data manually to calculate final bills. A semi-automated environment created inefficiencies in the overall Q2C process. As a high growth company, Concur needed to closely monitor its customer acquisition costs. Operations need to be scaled efficiently, especially when going global where the company needed to price by market and by customer type while managing customer acquisition costs. In addition, multiple channels needed to be supported across the business and Concur needed control and management of this.




  • Fueled and is the cornerstone of Concur’s Quote-to-cash process
  • Consolidated multiple existing billing systems to support its strong growth, acquisitions, and product extensions
  • Improved speed to market with dynamic pricing and new product launches
  • Enabled a ‘blank sheet’ on what the next product offering could be
  • Provided flexibility in how the company’s business could and will grow and does not restrict Concur’s innovation
  • Eliminated manual processes and improved invoicing
  • Became the centralized product catalog for other systems
Scott Torrey

For Concur, MetraNet is the complete product catalog, rating, billing and settlement solution that, underpinned by dynamic business modeling, will help us keep pace with our continued growth.

Scott Torrey
EVP of Operations at Concur