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October 27, 2016 by Steve Curtis

Scariest part of IoT? The struggle to monetize IoT services

As a child of the ‘80s, Halloween often transports me back to a time when Wes Craven’s Freddy Krueger owned my nightmares. While rewatching the movie recently, it occurred to me that anyone involved in the business side of IoT faces similar fears of something unknown lurking in the shadows: there is a problem to be solved, but there’s no clear solution.

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July 13, 2016 by Steve Curtis

Collaboration + Education = Mass IoT Adoption

I’ve always been fascinated with new technologies, and like many folks these days, I believe IoT (Internet of Things) is the hottest acronym out there. It’s also one of the most disruptive initiatives to come around since smartphones. So this got me thinking – what will it really take for mass adoption of IoT? To me, it boils down to focusing on the consumer with two guiding principles: collaboration and education.

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July 8, 2016 by Alison Tozier

Reaching the Full Potential of IoT

For the fourth consecutive year, MetraTech, now part of Ericsson exhibited, at Cloud Expo in NYC. Once again, Esmeralda Swartz presented a general session – this year’s topic focused on IoT marketplaces.

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July 1, 2016 by Henrik Kenani Dahlgren

The key to IoT innovation and collaboration: unlocked data silos

Regardless of the industry, if your corporate strategy does not include a plan for digitalization, you will be left behind. This was the topic of my Bringing Industry to Society keynote session at Cloud Expo East a few weeks ago. We all know that the Internet of Things enables transformation of business models and entirely new services and offerings relying on access to new data. Forward-thinking organizations will refine this data for insights to become smarter, more sustainable, competitive and innovative.

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May 10, 2016 by Bhavani Shanmugam

5 Steps for Adopting a Fail-Fast Business Model

Our latest SlideShare addresses this question. The solution that’s emerged for many teams is to adopt a fail-fast business model. However, this approach requires support in itself to grow with the speed of market changes and support the network of contemporary companies in the industry. This is why we’ve introduced MetraNet 8.2 – to enable agile monetization to support global enterprises with fail-fast business models.

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April 12, 2016 by Esmeralda Swartz, CMO

#IoTuesday Twitter Chat: how to collect, communicate and crunch data to build smart cities

During last week’s Connected Things 2016 event at MIT in Cambridge, Mass., I moderated a panel about smart cities. The speakers had a lively discussion on stage about how a city’s ability to collect, communicate and crunch data has a direct effect on how livable, workable and sustainable that city becomes. We talked about what New Haven, Conn. and New Bedford, Mass. have done to gather information through sensors, other devices and existing systems – and how that information is helping the two cities solve common urban challenges from traffic to security and beyond.

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April 5, 2016 by Esmeralda Swartz, CMO

The Smart City Transformation: “Digizens”- People and Communities at Center of Strategy

This week, MIT will hold its annual Connected Things IoT event in Cambridge, MA. I have the pleasure of moderating a smart city panel of experts actively engaged in smart city transformation journeys. City leaders and urban planners are actively engaged in understanding how intelligent technology can impact the interaction of citizens and businesses across the many layers of a city to drive meaningful impact in digital social interactions, cost savings and sustainability for the city.

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January 14, 2016 by Esmeralda Swartz, CMO

2016 Predictions: Mobile, Internet of APIs Economy, AI, IoT and Hybrid Cloud (Part Two)

With another year coming to a close, it’s time to dust off the crystal ball for our annual predictions. However, before we forecast any new insights, I want to look back at our 2015 predictions, which could be best summarized as a maturing of technology innovations introduced in prior years. Now that the fundamentals are in place, there’s potential for significant shifts in both software and vendor shakeups in 2016. The emerging battleground of innovation continues to heat up between companies that make technology versus those that use it. Success will be determined by a company’s ability to leverage and monetize its data and API assets, drive contextual interactions with customers, along with its organizational agility to react to competitive forces. Here is part two of our 2016 predictions.

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