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Our Company

The leading global provider of Agreements-Based Billing™ (ABB), Commerce and Settlement solutions.

  • Founded in 1998
  • Headquartered in Boston
  • Enabling commerce in 150 countries, 36 languages and 28 currencies
  • Offering two products; our customizable full control MetraNet® platform or our SaaS solution, Metanga®

Commerce is driven by agreements between sellers and buyers. The best agreements can be fluidly negotiated and flexible enough to meet the needs of both sides. This enables a business to adapt to new markets, new business models, or competition, giving it a distinct market advantage.

Billing solutions built on a traditional architecture or a lightweight billing system leave companies with limited choices – conform their business model to what the billing system can deliver, wait for the vendor to implement a desired change or attempt to build something into or around the system. Unfortunately, today’s fast-paced market and competitive environment is not suited to these choices. It is on the basis of business models, rather than price changes that market share is won.

At MetraTech, our goal is straight forward: to simplify and accelerate global commerce innovation by enabling customers to innovate how they create, structure and manage financial relationships with their customers, partners and suppliers.

MetraTech History

In 1995, prior to founding the company, what was to become MetraTech’s core team encountered the limitations of their software systems while attempting to implement an innovative business model. The software was forcing unacceptable compromises to internal processes and was limiting their ability to interact with customers and partners. The systems in question provided a broad range of modules and plenty of features. But many of these features weren’t a fit for what they needed. Every time the team attempted to innovate or simply diverge from what the systems had been specifically designed to do, it resulted in extended timelines, increased cost, and risk. Surely, the team reasoned, there had to be a better approach.

They observed that the extensions required to adapt their systems for the innovations they wanted caused a ripple effect across many parts of the system. If the system could be made aware of extensions and self-adjust to modifications, much of the handcrafted coding and schema changes required by these extensions could be eliminated. This was the origin of MetraTech, a provider of billing platforms based on metadata that deliver business and industry agnostic billing and settlement.

The flexibility of MetraTech’s platforms comes from the unique ability to extend the data model, transaction processing, user interface model and processing, making it fast and easy to create new services, add to or replace an existing set of services. This business model agility is empowering the most recognizable global companies across vertical industries to innovate their business for competitive advantage. MetraTech’s approach is characterized by the simple premise that:

Billing should fit your business model, not force your business model to fit billing.

Imagine. Innovate. Don’t Compromise.